The Pressure journal

Hey Maisha tribe! I’ve been meaning to talk about pressure for a very long time but I didn’t know how to share with you. Pressure is one of the major things that stand in the way of progress often. It can catch you off-guard and other times we see it coming because we pressure ourselves over so many different reasons. I decided to share my thought through this little write up (which is not the usual). However, I hope it speaks to you, encourages you or that it does something positive for you. (Here goes nothing ).

Free me…

I want to walk this journey of life freely

I want to break out the prison they boxed me in

And still be there to free them when they need me

But first, free me…

Product of my society..

Bound to follow blindly in the footsteps of one who followed blindly

I got a bed, but his is bigger

Same jeans but mine are cheaper

So I’m feeling bitter

I wish I had that sneaker

Like that would make it better

99 problems

98 imaginary problems

Validation is a drug

My head high and my strength fly

I want to walk into my purpose

Knowing my why, doing it for me and the people I love

But here comes the pressure, it hits from time to time

Constantly changing alongside the seasons I go through

The pressure to be great..

The pressing need to please society,to stand out, be better than my parents

I want to be different, to prove a point, to accomplish my goals, to be the best at what I do

Sometimes to copy others blindly, to make it in life

Do we all have to be different; do we all have to stand out?

It begins with a thought

Stems from fear and sometimes pride and often from self-doubt.

It cripples me, 

Other times, it makes me feel like I’m not enough

That what I do will never be enough

That I will never get there

Sometimes it drives me to push myself further, in an unhealthy way

Exceeding my limits, exhausting my mind

It causes me to set unrealistic expectations

And the expectations blind me

Delusion sets in

I’m lost, I’m tied to it

Free me

Let go of the pressure, yes it will come

It will spring up on you and burden you

Yet, remind yourself of who you are, why you begun and whose you are.

Free you,let go of the pressure, keep it moving.

Love and light🤍. Always and forever.

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