My botanical gardens date.

If you’ve been following my instagram posts I guess you noticed that I went out few days ago. Guys, I hardly go out so when I do, it’s always a big deal for me. So I went to the Legon botanical gardens last Saturday with my best friend a.k.a my wife. She had planned the date and let me tag along. It was really timely because school work was choking me and that date saved me.

Anywhoo, we got there a little after 3pm. We had to make payment for entry and for the activities they had there. For adults, entry fee was 15 cedis. We decided to go on the canopy walk and the canoe ride. They cost 25 cedis and 10 cedis respectively for each person. For a Saturday it wasn’t so crowded but there were a handful of people around.

The canopy walk.

We decided to start with the canopy walk. I was a little anxious. I was contemplating on going back and asking for a refund but my friend wasn’t having it. It had about four stages. I think it gets tougher as you go and a little scarier but the good type (if that’s even a thing).

The view of the place from up there was so beautiful. It was breath-taking….the rich vegetation merging with the blue skies along with the fresh breeze was amazing. We got really nice pictures. It was fun. I mean not that I was yelling from time to time and my crazy friend was shaking, running and jumping on the thing like it was funny.

It wasn’t funny at all but it was so good.
Next, we did the canoe ride.

Forgive me if the quality is bad.

The canoe ride was short if you ask me but it was so amazing. I loved every bit of it. Again, it had very nice nature views and I didn’t fail to capture a few. Honestly, the pictures do not do justice to the view. I really didn’t want the canoe ride to end. We both loved it.

Good result on when  you search images of the Legon botanical gardens canoe ride view

We explored the place further, to take in other sites. The place is not much of a flower garden but it’s great. It’s a great place to have a picnic individually or as a group and there is no charge for that. Everybody but two ladies we saw in our exploration following us with their eyes were really minding their business, something I appreciated.

They allow bringing in your own food. However, professional photo shoots and video shoots come with a charge. I didn’t take note of the fee. There is also another activity; fishing which comes with a charge as well. Only hook and line which you will provide is allowed and you can take your catch home.

Here are some tips for you. If you want to visit the Legon botanical gardens.

If you would love to do any activity when you go there, keep it casual and simple.
Don’t carry a lot of things in your hands because it’s very easy for your stuff to fall through the spaces between the canopy walkway and the stairs leading up.

There’s not much of food around so if you want a full meal you could take some along. However, there’s an icecream stand in there.

It’s a good place to unwind and admire nature. I loved my visit there and I had fun thanks to my wife.
What’s one word I would describe the botanical gardens date with? I will say AWESOME!

Is this a place you would love to visit? Have you been there already? Talk to me in the comments.

As always love and light to youuuu.❤❤❤

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