Jewellery tag~ 5 jewellery pieces you should own.

For a very long time in my life, I wasn’t the girl who owned a jewellery stash or a collection of jewellery. I didn’t like it, at all. I wouldn’t even put my earrings on. If my mom hadn’t intervened at some point I would have had to deal with the pain of re-piercing my ear lobes.(Thanks mom). I guess I was still growing because that changed at a point that I don’t remember. Then I started falling in love with knuckle rings, then necklaces( which I hated for a long time), then certain types of earrings. I became a jewellery girl! And I love it.

The beauty of jewellery.

Owning jewellery is pretty cool. I think that just like you dress according to your mood, you can accessorize according to your mood too. Jewellery can mean anything that you want it to mean for you and you can draw confidence from that. While it is great to have your preferences and style, here are some jewellery pieces you shouldn’t miss from your jewellery collection.

5 Jewellery must haves.

Pearls jewellery.

Pearls are not for old women only. They are actually very classy when they are incorporate in an outfit beautifully or in the kind of jewellery designs they come in.

Small and lightweight earrings or studs.

If you want to go minimalist and simple, these are the earrings for you. Pieces like that are not heavy and as long as you do not buy the fake ones, it will not cause a strain to your ear. One simple type is what every girl child in Ghana wears; what we call “copper”. For simple yet cute looks.


Hoops are a whole mode. If you want a bold and beautiful look, hoops are a go to. They come in different sizes and you can choose according to your taste. Always look out for the lightweight ones because once it’s too heavy, you can’t have it on for too long. Gold hoops are a must have.

Statement Jewellery pieces

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These types’ jewellery pieces are ideal for making your outfit pop. Statement pieces are usually the first thing that people will notice on you because whether it is a bracelet, ring, necklace or earring, it stands out. Statement earrings are ideal if you want to bring attention to your face. They are usually eye-catching, sometimes big and very attractive. Moreover, when I think about statement pieces I think bold and outstanding. Every girl needs a piece like that.

Bracelets and watches.

However you want it; gold, silver, beads, plastic or cowries, there’s always one for both men and women.


Plain necklaces and necklaces with pendants are a must have. Chunky chain linked necklaces have been trending for a while now and it looks really good when it is styled well.

That is all for now. I hope you found something that appeals to you. Kindly visit my business page @thejewelfindings on instagram for your jewellery needs. Support your girl.

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4 thoughts on “Jewellery tag~ 5 jewellery pieces you should own.”

  1. Beautiful post! I like the fact that you said ladies can rock jewelries according to their mood. How about rings tho? Cuz nice rings with the right outfit do some magic

  2. Beautiful post! I like that fact that you said ladies can rock jewelries according to their mood. But how about rings too? Cuz nice rings, with the right outfit do magic!

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